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EcolChange Doctoral Conference 2019 “EcolChange in a World of Synergies”

Will be held on November 12th 2019 more information from HERE

PhD students conference of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange and Department of Botany, UT, 6.-7 .12.2018, Kubija

Additional information: Kersti Püssa, kersti.pussa@ut.ee


9.00                    Bus from Vanemuise Theatre lower parking lot   

10.30-11.00        Coffee 

11.00-11.10        Meelis Pärtel     

11.10-11.30        Siim-Kaarel Sepp              Does the fungus matter? Non-random association in an arbuscular mycorrhizal network

11.30-11.50        Kaarin Parts                      Fine Root System Acclimations Before Dieback with Artificial and Geothermal Soil  Warming

11.50-12.10        Thomas Schindler            Flooding induced Greenhouse gas dynamics from soil to tree level in a grey alder forest

12.10-12.30        Mohit Masta                     Partitioning N2O Fluxes

12.30-12.50        Kaie Kriiska                      Variation in annual carbon fluxes affecting the SOC pool in hemiboreal coniferous forests in Estonia

12.50-14.00        Lunch   

14.00-14.20        Diego Trindade                The species pool comedy: is the dark diversity a purgatory for species under global  change

14.20-14.40        Madli Jõks                        Saared ja simulatsioonid - mida nad meile õpetavad?

14.40-15.00        Elisabeth Prangel             Effects of grassland habitat loss on selection of ecosystem services

15.00-15.20        Tanel Vahter                     Manipulating the below ground for above ground diversity - application of AM fungi in vegetation restoration

15.20-15.40        Kati Küngas                     Specificity in plant-endophyte interactions

15.40-16.00        Coffee

16.00-16.20        Kaia Kask                        Hey, plant! What's your secret?

16.20-16.40        Liisa Kübarsepp               Microscale responses to environmental variables in plants

16.40-17.00        Anton Savchenko             Systematics of early-diverged Dacrymycetes (Basidiomycota, Fungi)

17.00-17.20        Mari Pent                          Ectomycorrhizal or saprotrophic - does it matter for bacteria inhabitin mushrooms?

17.20-17.40        Annika Meitern                  Influences of xylem sap composition on water movement?