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Ülo Mander professor, PhD
Jaak Truu professor, PhD
Ivika Ostonen-Märtin vanemteadur, PhD
Marika Truu vanemteadur, PhD
Martin Maddison vanemteadur, PhD
Kaido Soosaar vanemteadur, PhD
Evelyn Uuemaa vanemteadur, PhD
 Ain Kull vanemteadur, PhD
Alar Teemusk teadur, PhD
Teele Ligi teadur, PhD
 Hiie Nõlvak teadur, PhD
Järvi Järveoja teadur, PhD
Mait Sepp teadur, PhD
Jaak Jaagus professor, PhD
 Arno Kanal dotsent, PhD
Jüri Roosaare dotsent, PhD
Kuno Kasak teadur, PhD
Raili Torga teadur, PhD


Mart Muhel laborant

Doktorandid ja nende uurimisteemad

Jens-Konrad Preem Microbial community, phylogenetic and functional diversity in natural and constructed wetlands
Janika Laht Lifecycle analysis of ecotechnological measures to control nutrient fluxes in catchments
Merle Muru Mathematical models and their application for the recognition of relief forms from digital terrain models
Meelis Leivits Modelling of suitable habitats fof protected bird species
Liisi Jakobson The vertical structure of the atmospheric boundary layer in the Arctic
Kristjan Oopkaup Relationships between constructed wetland purification efficiency and microbial community functional structure
Ülle Napa Ecosystem recovery from air pollution effects - based on Estonian forest monitoring data
Kaie Kriiska Carbon store and turnover in Estonian forest soils.
Kertu Tiirik Impact of pharmaceutical residues and engineered nanoparticles on the microbial community structure in wastewater treatment system and antibiotic resistance gene transfer into the environment
Mikk Espenberg The impact of rehabilitation measures of abandoned üeat extraction areas on archaea comminities and their methanogenetic activities
Gert Veber Temporal-spatial dynamics of greenhouse gas emissions in gog ecosystems as criterion for determination of bog buffer zones
Kalev Repp Modelling gaseous nitrogen and carbon fluxes in wetlands and forest ecosystems
Sandra Vijar Dendrochronological indication of anthropogenic disturbances of hydrological regime in Estonian mires
Megan D. Ewert Remote sensing data-based application of Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) for estimating soil erosion in boreal hilly landscapes
Mirjam Potter The evaluation of landscape scenery potential using measurable parametres
Kärt Kanger The resistome and its relationship with the microbiome in various ecotechnological applications
Julia Burdun Satellite-derived Land Surface Temperature (LST) as Proxy for Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Boreal Peatlands
Birgit Viru Spatio-temporal variability of snow cover in Estonia and its influence on greenhouse gas emission in winter
Thomas Schindler Socio-economic risk assessment of greenhouse gas emissions in natural and constructed wetlands