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The head of the Center of Excellence is Professor Ülo Niinemets (Estonian University of Life Sciences). The project manager of the Center of Excellence is Tiia Kurvits (Estonian University of Life Sciences). At the University of Tartu, research is led by Professor Martin Zobel and the coordinator of the research groups is Kersti Püssa (PhD).

The EcolChange Coordination Committee:

Ülo Niinemets       Head of the Centre and leader of the Plant ecophysiology and biosphere-atmosphere interactions team, Professor, Estonian University of Life Sciences;

Martin Zobel          Head of the research teams at University of Tartu and leader of Plant ecology and diversity team, Professor, University of Tartu;

Meelis Pärtel          Leader of the Macroecology and ecoinformatics team, Professor, University of Tartu;

Urmas Kõljalg         Leader of the Global biodiversity team, Professor, University of Tartu;

Ülo Mander             Leader of the Ecotechnology and landscape biogeochemistry team, Professor, University of Tartu;

Jaan Liira                Conservation and agricultural ecology, individual senior researcher, University of Tartu;

Anne Tenno            Representative of Univeristy of Tartu, senior specialist, Office of Research and Development, University of Tartu;

Tiia Kurvits              Representative of Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Centre of Excellence, managing director.

International Advisory Board:

Markku Kulmala        Professor, Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Department of Physics,  Univerity of Helsinki, Finland;

Markus Reichstein     Professor,  Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany.