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Researchers are looking for nature-inspired solutions to sustainably increase crop yield

Estonian University of Life Sciences participates in the recently launched EU-funded project GAIN4CROPS aims to improve photosynthetic efficiency of the oil crop sunflower using nature-inspired solutions and innovative breeding techniques. The 5-year 8M € project, funded under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, will pave the way for the introduction of strategic crops which might decrease the use of major resources in agriculture: land, nitrogen, and water. Read more from here. 

DarkDivNet2019 workshop

DarkDivNet2019 workshop, special workshop web page
November 20 - 23, 2019
Tartu, Estonia

DarkDivNet2019 workshop takes place in the Estonian Biocentre (OMICUM) building (Riia 23b, Tartu). It is a short walking distance from the town center and main hotels.

DarkDivNet2019 workshop is held in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence EcolChange and sponsored by the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology. The workshop is integrated with the doctoral school on evaluation of biotic interactions, dark diversity and their applications.

EcolChange Doctoral Conference 2019 “EcolChange in a World of Synergies”

Will be held on November 12th 2019 more information from HERE

PhD students conference of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange and Department of Botany, UT, 6.-7 .12.2018, Kubija

Additional information: Kersti Püssa, kersti.pussa@ut.ee


9.00                    Bus from Vanemuise Theatre lower parking lot   

10.30-11.00        Coffee 

11.00-11.10        Meelis Pärtel     

11.10-11.30        Siim-Kaarel Sepp              Does the fungus matter? Non-random association in an arbuscular mycorrhizal network

11.30-11.50        Kaarin Parts                      Fine Root System Acclimations Before Dieback with Artificial and Geothermal Soil  Warming

11.50-12.10        Thomas Schindler            Flooding induced Greenhouse gas dynamics from soil to tree level in a grey alder forest

12.10-12.30        Mohit Masta                     Partitioning N2O Fluxes

12.30-12.50        Kaie Kriiska                      Variation in annual carbon fluxes affecting the SOC pool in hemiboreal coniferous forests in Estonia

12.50-14.00        Lunch   

14.00-14.20        Diego Trindade                The species pool comedy: is the dark diversity a purgatory for species under global  change

14.20-14.40        Madli Jõks                        Saared ja simulatsioonid - mida nad meile õpetavad?

14.40-15.00        Elisabeth Prangel             Effects of grassland habitat loss on selection of ecosystem services

15.00-15.20        Tanel Vahter                     Manipulating the below ground for above ground diversity - application of AM fungi in vegetation restoration

15.20-15.40        Kati Küngas                     Specificity in plant-endophyte interactions

15.40-16.00        Coffee

16.00-16.20        Kaia Kask                        Hey, plant! What's your secret?

16.20-16.40        Liisa Kübarsepp               Microscale responses to environmental variables in plants

16.40-17.00        Anton Savchenko             Systematics of early-diverged Dacrymycetes (Basidiomycota, Fungi)

17.00-17.20        Mari Pent                          Ectomycorrhizal or saprotrophic - does it matter for bacteria inhabitin mushrooms?

17.20-17.40        Annika Meitern                  Influences of xylem sap composition on water movement?